BHS Services

Optimising Regulation through Technology

BHS Services is an IT and Business engineering company in the Risk and Compliance domain working with professionals from the financial sector.

Our Business Process Optimisation approach combines best practices and long-year experience from Risk Management, Compliance and IT engineering.

With BHS Services, you benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset which includes a forward-looking approach of proven methodology, cross-industry best practices and result oriented out-of-the-box thinking.


Risk and Compliance are a high priority as well as an expensive burden for most of our clients. We assist companies in jumping over regulatory IT-hurdles, particularly in regards to AML /CTF.


Through executive experience and deep understanding of the regulatory ecosystem, we can offer a targeted set of services to improve your risk management, KYC and service integration.


Our core products are Fundshield, an analytical KYC on-boarding tool, and DAST, a dynamic testing service offering. All of our analyses and monitoring reports are adapted to Luxembourg specific needs of our clients.